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Punch Needle Tools, Supplies & Books

CTR Punch Needles

I am happy to be able to offer a high-quality punch needle at an affordable price! The CTR needles are all metal, have comfortable handles, and come with pre-cut depth gauges to adjust the height of your loops; gauges can be cut into smaller pieces for precise adjustments by you. This is the only needle I know of that has a bevel indicator right on the handle to quickly you show you the direction the needle bevel is facing while you punch.  Each needle comes with a threader.

Be sure to order a few extra threaders, so you are never without!

Needles in a Haystack

This kit from CTR is wonderful for beginners, or for the seasoned needle puncher who wants to try all these great CTR products. Includes: CTR Punch Needles in sizes 1, 3, and 6; five Extra Threaders; Extra Gauges for all the needle sizes; and the Haystack Storage Box, with magnetic inner lid keeps threaders from flying away, and has enough extra room to hold your thread snips or scissors, too.

Haystack Box

Great storage solution from CTR for all your punch needle tools! Plenty of room for 3 punch needles in their protective tubes, scissors or thread snips, other necessities. it has a magnetic strip inside the lid to safely hold your threaders, scissors and pins in place while you work. See-through case lets you easily see what's inside. It even has a handy ruler right on the lid!   3.5 x 6 x 1 inches

Needles in a Haystack CTR punch needle supplies CTR Haystack Box for punch needles

$ 82.99


$ 18.00


Natural Weavers Cloth

The most suitable foundation fabric for punch needle embroidery. It is a blend of cotton/poly, with a tight weave and even grain. Natural color is similar to muslin, but better for punch needle work, as it does not tear as easily.

$2.50 fat 1/4 Yd (22x18")

$5.00 fat 1/2 Yd (22x36")

$10.00 Full Yd (44x36")

Fusible Woven Interfacing

When you want to work punch needle embroidery on wool, felt, or other fabrics that are more loosely woven, draw or transfer your pattern to the interfacing, and then iron this woven fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric; your loops will stay in the foundation fabric much better. Adjust your depth gauge to allow for a loop long enough to go through the two layers of fabric.

Locking-Lip Hoops

These Susan Bates hoops have a lip on the inner ring that locks over the outer ring and holds your foundation fabric tightly. It really helps to have one of these Hoop-La hoops when doing punch needle embroidery. They come in several sizes (colors will vary.) Be sure your entire pattern fits inside the inner ring of the hoop for the most efficient and flawless stitching. Susan Bates Locking Lip embroidery hoop for punch needle

Woven Fusible Inerfacing for punch needle embroidery
Weavers cloth for punch needle embroidery

$ 2.50

18 x 22 inches

Spinster- Cording & Braid Maker

Use this handy tool to make your own cording, rope or braid trim to embellish pillows, punch needle designs, or whatever you want! Easy to use and so much fun! Comes with complete instructions for use.


My catalog provides a color photo of each of my designs for rug hooking and punch needle & supplies and accessories. Contains full color photographs. You now get both catalogs - rug hooking and punch needle combined into one - for one price!

(2)  6 x 6 Hand Held

 (4)  Sit-on Stand

(1)  6 x 6 on Stand

Learn How - see my Learn section for free instructions

(3) 10 x 10 Roundabout

Beginner’s Kits: Two Kit Options

 The Ultimate Startup Kitultimatepnkit.jpg

if you are sure you want to get totally into it, then start with all you need and with the best. The best tools make learning and achieving success faster and more fun! You'll get a 6 x 6 gripper frame on a lap stand, a Needles in a Haystack kit, the Beginner's Kit pattern and threads to create antique flowers & shells design with instructions specific for the design, as well as my instructional booklet for learning punch needle embroidery. You also get the instructional DVD to get you off to the very best start in learning to do punch needle embroidery! All the components included in this wonderful kit are also available sPunch Needle Embroidery Beginner's Kit from Folk 'n' Fibereparately on this page.

The Complete Startup Kit

if you aren't quite ready to commit as much money, The Complete Startup kit is for you. You'll get the Beginner's Kit pattern and threads to create this Shells & Flower design, with instructions specific for the design, as well as my instructional booklet for learning punch needle embroidery. You also get a 6-inch Susan Bates non-slip embroidery hoop and a CTR 3-strand punch needle with threaders and gauges. Only $44.00

Havel’s Snip-Eze

Lightweight embroidery snips are great for hand or machine embroidery. Perfect for punch needle embroidery! Quick one-handed pickup, squeeze to use. Tips fit easily under your work. For right or left handed use. 4.75 inches with curved blades.

Instructional DVD

Whether you're just learning or have been needle punching for years, this DVD will be a valuable addition to your library. Charlotte Dudney explains needle threading and proper punching  technique, how to vary the loop depth, she gives you help with the Sunflower project (included). She also talks about mounting and framing without glue. With the DVD you also get: Sunflower project printed on fabric (ready to punch), several helpfulPunch Needle Embroidery - instructional DVD documents that you can print for reference, and three more free punch needle designs to transfer.

Also see my

Learn section!

Punch Needle Gripper Frames

These fabulous gripper frames were designed by Bee Creek Ltd. (K's Creations.)

(1) 6 x 6 on a lap stand or (2) 6 x 6 hand held can be used for needlepoint or cross stitch, too. Measures 6.5" x 6.5" inside.

(3) 10 x 10 Roundabout can also be used for small rug hooking projects; measures 10 x 10 inches inside.

(4) Frames 1 and 3 can be removed from their lap stands and fit to the optional Sit-On Stand. The base measures 7" x 15", and it is easy to assemble using the large knobs; it's portable and weighs only 1-1/2 pounds

All frames have steel carding strips to hold your work tight as a drum. Frames on stands can be adjusted to rotate 360 degrees, and you can tilt them to adjust to your most comfortable working angle. The 10 x 10 frame, flips over to view your  work. Lifetime warranty on manufacturing.

CTR punch needles in three sizes

$ 26.00

pnframe10x10_small.jpg framestand_siton.jpg pnframe2.jpg pnframe_6x6top.jpg Havel's Snip-Eve thread snips for punch needle embroidery

$ 19.50

$ 18.00

$ 5.00


Spinster - cord and braid making tool
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