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Patterns & Kits for Rug Hooking - Large Antique

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The Olde Pomegranate Tree

Taken from an 1800s hooked rug, this pattern is interesting and naive. Birds and lions, suns and flowers sit on either side of the old tree. This is a photo of the antique rug, which uses a dark background and a variety of golden tones. The Hook-a-Month project used a lighter background and employed blues, grays and rust tones.

25 x 18 inches

Polly’s Hearts

My friend and sister hooker, Polly Minick, had a friend who owned this antique rug at one time. Polly gave her permission for me to offer it as the Hook-a-Month project  for Spring 2010. I made some slight tweaks in the design, at Polly’s request, to honor her friend who has passed away.

25 x 25 inches

Midnight Floral

The antique rug on which this Hook-a-Month design was based, is an antique shirred rug. Shirred rugs were made from woolen strips that were drawn up and sewn onto a linen foundation. The design is naïve and most probably was executed with old clothing. The antique rug was probably from New England, circa 1830-1840. This is my adaptation as a hooked rug.  

25 x 34 inches

Antique Stars

This is a wonderful rug to use wools that have been married together - several reds, several blacks and browns, and several tans (lights and darks) will get you this great aged look.

25 x 25 inches

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Antique Star Pattern



Awesome, isn’t it? I did not do a thing to this one . . . It is perfect just as it sits!

32 x 23 inches

To see the currently running Hook-a-Month project, go took-a-Month Project page. The designs offered here were previously used as Hook-a-Month patterns, and are now available on linen or red dot tracing fabric for you to transfer to your foundation of choice.

All rights reserved.  Please respect copyright laws - do not reproduce, sell, or distribute my patterns or designs without my permission. You may enlarge or reduce patterns to suit your personal needs. Prices shown on this page supersede catalog pricing.

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This design is comprised of elements from three antique rugs that I really like. Offered as the Hook-a-Month design for Spring 2013, it is now available here as a pattern on linen or red dot tracer.   32 x 23 inches

Rooster Vane

Offered as the Hook-a-Month design for Fall 2013, it is now available here as a pattern on linen or red dot tracer.

30 x 24 inches

Birds at the Tree

This one was the Hook-a-Month design for Spring 2014;  it is now available here as a pattern on linen or red dot tracer.

22 x 34 inches

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Prim Starburst

I have had folks waiting for this pattern - it is now available on linen or red dot as a pattern only.

25 x 25 inches

Sunflower Hooked Rug Pattern, antique adaptation by Folk 'n' Fiber Original rug hooking patterns by Folk 'n' Fiber


Antique Adaptations






Beginner's Kit



Pillows & Runners



Hook-a-Month Patterns



Magdelena’s Cat

She was an amazing pattern designer. Magdelena Briner’s rugs have inspired us all to hook with abandon and just let the rug create itself.

This is a favorite and I am happy to offer it in two sizes on primitive linen.:

25 x 25 inches

18 x 18 inches

Turkey Hill

This is an adaptation rug of this wonderful design from the late 19th century.  You can request custom lettering for an added cost; email me for an adjusted cost. The original rug (shown) was a huge one. I am offering it on linen in two sizes.

40 x 32 inches

20 x 16 inches

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Bird Dog

Just a prim old dog surrounded by birds and geometrics. Remind you of your pooch?

27 x 20 inches

Soar in ‘16- Eagle

About at patriotic as it gets. Large eagle design is my adaptation of a 1907 rug.

30 x 20 inches

Briner’s Patchwork Runner

A compilation of some of our favorite Magdalena designs all in one runner. Measures 36 x 14 inches. Previously offered as a Hook-a-Month pattern.

Punch needle pattern also available

Primitive Sunburst & Fans

36 x 22 inches

I am crazy for old primitive rugs. This antique rug really speaks to me. I hope you love it, too. Hooked in a rich palette of reds, deep burgundy, golds, and some blue, this rug is sure to be a stunner in your home.